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Which Type Of Lawyer Is Right For My Case?

by Daniel

Law can be explained as a set of rules and regulations which must be followed by everyone in society. Whereas, lawyers have a significant impact on societies and are also an essential part of everyone’s life. Their function is to assist individuals in achieving justice, enforcing the laws, assisting in various court proceedings, and a variety of other things. 

They also take care by protecting the interest of the common people and look after the well-being of business organizations, individuals, etc. Lawyers are often referred to as ‘Solicitors’ or ‘Barristers’ in Australia. The lawyers can also be classified according to their respective topics on which they have specialization. The barrister’s work is inside the courtroom, whereas the solicitors work out of the court. 

Various types of lawyers

  • Family Attorney or Lawyers – Property settlements, separation, child support, divorce, adoption and possession, and monetary disputes are all topics that family lawyers may help with. They offer counseling to their clients in some cases to assist them with better guidance. Family lawyers are often referred to as a domestic abuse lawyer as they also advise on domestic violence or abuse-related issues. The Commonwealth and the provinces and territories bear responsibilities for the legal provisions for dealing with domestic abuse in Australia.
  • General Counsel Attorney – The General Counsel attorney in Australia mainly focuses on managing the legal team of an organization. They conduct the management procedures and they ultimately produce the report to the CEO of the organization. 
  • Finance and Banking Attorney – The finance and banking attorneys or lawyers are in charge of managing all the financial and related issues in any financial or banking institution. They often advise businesses on big transactions including acquisitions, financing decisions, and even insolvencies.
  • Infrastructure and construction Lawyers – Due to the rapid increase in infrastructure projects, particularly in key areas of business and numerous modern communication and locomotive projects, infrastructure and construction lawyers are in great demand.
  • Conveyance Attorney – Conveyance lawyers or attorneys are popular in the Commonwealth countries. A conveyance lawyer or conveyancer is a professional lawyer who deals in the legal elements of purchasing and selling real estate, or property management. A Conveyance lawyer may or may not have a license.
  • Environmental lawyer – An environmental attorney assists their clients with legal matters such as sustainable energy, green technology, reducing the amount of wasting water, global warming law, the administration of land ownership, and other federal lands. Environmental law is a difficult and important subset of the legal profession.

The Bottom Line 

So, it is visible how much contribution an attorney or a lawyer makes towards the welfare of society. The lawyers ensure that all the people in the society abide by its rules and regulations. Every type of lawyer, starting from family or domestic abuse lawyergeneral counsel lawyer, or conveyancer, to an environmental lawyer, everyone has specialization in their respective areas. Thus, they help the people of the society with their specialization. 


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