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Three Signs that You Need an Eye Exam

by Daniel

In today’s world, all our work is centred around the square screen. Consequently, all the major functions of office and institute have shifted to digital mode. As a result, we are spending increased hours in front of our devices like computers, laptops, and mobile phones. 

The entertainment is centred around television or tablets where we spend time watching movies and playing games to refresh ourselves. The bottom line of the whole change in lifestyle has put major pressure on the eyes. The activities of your eyes have a manifold. 

We are not able to stay away from digital gadgets because they have become inseparable from our existence. All these factors have collectively played a negative and detrimental role in deteriorating vision and poor eye health. Needless to say that eyes are one the most sensitive organs of our bodies. We must seek the advice of a physician or eye expert if we experience constant disturbances. In three easy ways, you can determine whether you need to consult a doctor and conduct an eye exam or not. 

The eye exam will make sure that you can address the issues regarding poor vision or any other concern bothering your normal eye activities. 

  • A prime symptom that should encourage you to go for an eye exam is constant headaches. As we try to concentrate on the small words on the screen, it may happen that the eye muscles are getting strained. This will lead to recurring headaches whenever you are trying to focus at work. The pain can spread around the eye socket and even lead to migraines. You simply cannot continue to ingest headache pills and ignore the major symptom of eye damage. The pain may gradually spread up to the neck and strain the spinal cord around the shoulder region. 
  • Another striking sign of eye damage could be constant irritation in the eye. Watering of the eyes while you are trying to read or watch something should not be treated casually. This could be due to the damage caused to the eye muscles and optic nerves. Redness of the eyes can also be noticed sometimes if you are showing symptoms of eye damage. This may be because the power of the eye lens has fluctuated and you need to consult a doctor for an eye exam and purchase glasses to fix the problem. 
  • You may also note that eye damage can also be indicated through the inability to see distant objects. The same may happen to the items placed very close to the eyes. Under both circumstances, you will get blurry vision and this will increase your chances of encountering accidents on the road. The conditions are known as far and nearsightedness respectively. It happens because of the change in curvature of the retina and the natural lens which needs to be cured by putting on glasses. If you notice such symptoms, it is a clear indication for you to go for an eye exam. 


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