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Crucial Tips and Tricks Related to Event Lighting!

by Daniel

When the thought of producing any event comes, the most important thing is the event lighting, and with lighting, you can’t just choose any random thing; it has to be only perfect and nothing else. It is that one aspect that either makes or breaks the whole scenario.

The name might suggest easiness, but the lighting part is a bit of a complex task in reality. You must focus on the density, area, colours, quality, quantity and the list goes on. But getting the best of all of them will get you your desired perfection and comfort.

Every person believes that the lighting part of any event is overwhelming, but this blog will help you with the same. Below listed are some tips and tricks that, if you understand, are much likely to ensure the best lighting setup. 

  1. You should ask a lot of questions 

Whether it is your event or someone else’s, you should raise your voice if you are not sure about something. The same goes with the lighting part too. Some of the questions are:

What type of event is this? Is it a corporate convention, awards ceremony, gala, wedding?

  • What was the budget of the project? 
  • How long it took for lights to set up?
  • What quality are the lights?
  • What is the range of colours offered?
  • Do the lights have a guarantee?
  • When were the lights purchased?

Make sure to gather this information as more as possible; even if you cannot ask at the event, you can always ask later to the concerned person. 

  1. Have a proper plan 

Since you are having all the event details, now your focus should be on the organization part. It depends on your event’s magnitude, and you may accordingly require to develop a much more extensive plan and the right quote for the client. This step holds great importance that many people might even overlook but holds a great position when needing successful production. And the crucial one, you must not forget to put up a great and accurate budget along with the client to make a great floor plan for the event. 

Well, you might also have the option of lighting design for a room layout using a computer-aided design program, or else a hand-drawn sketch is also not a bad option. While you create the layout, you need to comprise all the important counterparts present on the floor like tables, buffets, a stage, the dance floor, and any bars. This lighting design will surely help you get a better understanding of sensing the lights that will suit the atmosphere and the places where you need to have the best lighting. 

  1. Do not forget to mark and highlight the traffic areas

When your lighting plan is ready, you need to mark the areas now with this plan that need special attention towards lights and the most time. For instance, areas like buffets, bars, and tables require some good care. All the guests need to have a popper look and check over the food being served to them. 


Ensure that the lighting is perfect and the event will turn out to be a big blockbuster in no time. Just go and follow these tips ad tricks and see what wonders it adds!!

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