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Concepts of Web Design that You Must Know

by Daniel
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We’ve seen hundreds of patterns in recent years, from pastel to gradients to large typography. Styles have a habit of circling back around and resurfacing. Bold and robust web design features that catch user attention and makes a strong statement never go out of trend.

You must take risky moves if you want to reach out to your rivals and the thousands of other businesses in every industry. Colors, form, features, and even language choices can consider when defining “bold.”

Here are seven ways to apply the fundamentals of bold web design to your own business:

  • Use Vibrant Colors in Web Design

Going with bright colors, you wouldn’t usually see one way to make a bold look. If your bank is the only one in town that uses blues and deep reds, go for the green, pink, or something different. Going for the unexpected will also help you stand out and stay at the top of peoples’ thoughts.

  • Make a brand for Yourself.

You most likely already have a style guide for your business.

Consider the message you want to convey to your clients. Do you prefer a steady and solemn tone? Is your brand youthful and trendy?

Examine the items you’ve already included in your style guide and consider how to work with them while maintaining a bold look.

  • Make Use of Stunning Images

Your website’s images have a significant effect on on-site visitors. What message are your photos sending about your company? Look for pictures that make your prospects sit up and take note. Do your images tell a story and catch the viewer’s attention right away?

  • Animate your text

Any of the more modern web design features may not be used by those in your industry. Being one of the first to do so will make a bold statement.

Add some animation to your site to grab the user’s attention and make it more interactive. When the mouse hovers over an object, make it move to see where they are in the navigation and what will happen if they click on it.

  • Improve the typography

The type of faces you use on your web are another way to make a bold statement. Look for ways to make the form bigger. Make it bold or use a pattern to fill it in. Cut-outs with the context showing through the letters are also possible. Examine various beautiful typography examples to determine which style best suits your company’s image’s personal tastes.

  • Bizarre Language is a good choice.

Know who your target market is. If not easily offended, you might use strong words to provoke their attention. Even a sarcastic attitude will entice customers. You must, however, consider who your average buyer is. You’ve lost traction if you use strong Language, and it offends half of your clients. Take it slowly at first, but try new stuff to see how the audience reacts.

  • Symmetry

Asymmetrical designs are standard, and they can give your site a unique look that grids can’t match. Consider using overlapping components, but keep in mind how the final product would appear on mobile devices. You can also make some layered pieces and some that have a more conventional boxed shape.

The best thing about web design is that if it doesn’t turn visitors into leads, you’re not stuck with it. Pick the best for you!

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