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5 Basic Deer Hunting Tips For a Beginner

by Daniel

Deer Hunting is a hobby of many people, but it is not as easy as you think, for this, you need a lot of experience and skills. Deer hunting can be made easier and more enjoyable by following a few simple guidelines. Before going deer hunting, make sure you have all of the required equipment and tools. Here’s a basic guide for new hunter that can help you in being efficient on your hunting journey.

  • Say big no-no to social media.

Avoid referring to social media, which is a crucial tip for new deer hunters. Deer hunting is made to look easy on social media, and even worse, it is made to look incredibly fun all of the time. The fact is that deer hunting is difficult. It’s not just sunshine and rainbows and big-buck experiences. Deer hunting is an absolute grind major time, and you need to know that going in. Even if sleeping sounds like a much better choice, you must keep answering the bell and being in the woods at convenient times.

  • Always have plan-B

Invest in a good digital mapping platform — there are plenty to choose from — and spend time researching your hunting territory. Take a glance at the landscape. Know where food sources are located, even if they are a long-distance away. Take note of any heavy timber or thick brush, as well as any water sources, as these are places where bucks and dogs can sleep. Additionally, comb for funnels or other terrain features that connect the puzzle pieces (food, water, and bedding).

  • The location should be secret.

The best advice is to keep your position hidden. It is similar to cleaning up a crime scene and leaving no traces behind. Some hunters prefer to leave their stands hung from trees where they hunted for the day. It’s important to note that we’re on public property, and someone might take your hunting spot. To keep your place to yourself, you’ll need to bring back some proof that you’ve been hunting there.

  • Shun Parking lots 

Trucks and other vehicles generate a lot of noise, which may be a problem if you’re deer hunting on public property. As a result, avoid hunting near parking areas on these properties, as deer prefer to avoid them. However, some places do not allow cars to be parked anywhere other than the designated parking lot, so look up the details before deciding.

  • Explore sites.

There are times when you get too close to something. It could be the spot where you first killed a deer or something else. Nonetheless, sticking to that one location is a poor decision. Deer may have been present previously, but they eventually become aware of our presence and decide to leave, particularly when hunting pressure is applied. Keep in mind that if you keep seeing the same game on the same stand, it’s likely that their travel habits will change.


You’ll have a wonderful time hunting on public lands if you follow any of these deer hunting tips. If you adopt the above guide for a new hunter, deer hunting will be a wonderful experience that you will relish for years to come.

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